Friday, March 29, 2019

Some Important Technical Point in Realism

Certain principles are always constant to achieve a realistic effect. These are:
  • Values: without this realism will fail
  • Abstraction: we don't see everything at the same time. We focus on one object and others become hazy slightly. So I don't emphasize unimportant things in a painting.
  • Edges: Related to Values. But hard edges and soft edges define volume. Without this volume cannot be shown. Objects that obstruct the light will have an extremely bright edge. Objects upon which the light falls will have a paler outline. Some will fade into the background.
  • Shape: As important as values, a mistake and the expression is lost.
  • Feeling and intention: driving force, muse, motive behind the construction of a vision. Never lose sight of this.
  • Planning: Do proper planning before painting. Don't just start with painting. Observe the source for a few days.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Choosing the Brushes

If one wants to create homogeneous painting surface irrespective of the type of support then they can follow the following formulae:
  1. Course support: Rougher brushes; paint slightly fluid (rough canvas surface; so bristle brushes)
  2. Smooth support: smoother brushes; paint slightly fluid (smoother panel surface; so soft nylon watercolor brushes)
  3. Arm Movement: Painting process remains similar but arm movement needs to be adjusted accordingly. Full arm movement for bigger size and full wrist movement at least for smaller size. Here the scale might have some impact on technique but as close one can get.